Engineered wood flooring is a fantastic alternative to laying solid wood floorboards whilst offering the same visual effect. Like solid wood floorboards, engineered hardwood flooring offers the beauty of natural materials, with a timeless quality that will suit heritage premises and contemporary interiors alike.

The difference with engineered wood flooring is that each board is made up of multiple layers of wood sandwiched together, with the top layer providing the desired visual effect in terms of both the type of wood used and any specific lacquer or finish applied to it, such as in the case of lime-washed oak. When the boards are laid, it has the same look and feel as a solid wood floor installation and can actually be more durable. In particular, engineered hardwood flooring can cope well with the direct heat from underfloor heating systems.

Engineered wood floorboards use real wood in all layers, including on the top visible layer which is also thicker than would be the case on a veneer product, so the finished effect is very much that of a wooden floorboard.

The production method allows for a wide range of timber types and surface finishes to be used, from antique and distressed oak effects, to contemporary lime-washed oak and American black walnut, both of which are very much on trend for modern interiors. The uniformity of the boards can make for a much faster, easier and more seamless installation process too.

We supply a range of engineered wood flooring brands, including V4 and Kersaint Cobb… Want to find out more or enquire about something else? Come in to see us at our Altrincham shop to talk to one of our flooring experts, or get in touch today.


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